Aldi 2016 Updated

Aldi 2016 Updated

Release date: November 3rd, 2015 (103 pages)
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Here is what’s new in this November 2015 update...
This report is an update to our Aldi report from February 2015. So much has happened at Aldi’s. This offer includes both reports.

Aldi: new report decodes fresh strategic thinking

Convenience stores and new store models:
- A visit to the revamped convenience outlet in Kilburn - how the execution has evolved.
- Australia and Project Fresh - will this be the template for the US stores? - Recent store visits from Australia, the UK, Germany, France included.

Supply chain:
- How does the discounter leverage dual and triple supply?
- Is a deal still a deal for Aldi? How are NPDs introduced at Aldi?
- Non food product sourcing and vertical integration in China paving the way
for online, cutting out all middlemen - shifting the special buys to online.

- Outmuscling the non food online start ups through vertical integration in China and going direct to shoppers with a dedicated non food offer online.
- Will Aldi become a threat to H&M and Primark and the homeware retailers, to Dunelm, Argos and Jysk?

- Reports of a slowdown in growth in Germany have been offset by growth explosions in Australia and the UK - future plans and financial data released.
- That slowdown has forced fresh thinking and the introduction of brands despite making Aldi price comparable for the first time.
- The Big Bang in Germany, 50 Top FMCG brands all listed in H2 2015, ripple effects to be felt for years to come.
- The rollout of SAP and Oracle solutions also hangs together with the introduction of more FMCG A brands.

- Apart from being highly innovative for the holiday season (with the Big 4 copying the range, packaging and even product display), Aldi knows that advertising spend buying impact now will have spillover effects post Christmas, when shoppers have to tighten their belts after the splurge.

Table of contents

Introduction p8
Aldi: it has been a busy year p9
Executive summary p10
Aldi: convenience store updates, perfecting the in store ranges and outlays p11
Aldi: heavy competition on sites, space workaround & going up and down p12
Aldi: A deal is a deal, dual and triple supply of single SKUS, unknown in UK p13
Aldi: more localised buying than Lidl, fresh and premium, buyer requirements p14
Aldi: Splitting contracts, reduce dependency, quality comes first, price last p15
Aldi: How to introduce NPDs at Aldi, supplier relationships p16
Aldi: looking ahead to 2016 and beyond... p17
Recent key developments p18
February 2015: Aldi Hungary fined, magazine launch in Southern Germany p19
March 2015: Scouting out the Italian market p20
March 2015: Aldi to sponsor Team GB, South Australia DC, iPhone 5C p21
March 2015: Aldi countering Lidl’s Super Samstag in Germany p22
March 2015: the shift to Saturdays and its ramifications p23
April 2015: Aldi sixth largest UK supermarket, Western Australia expansion p24
June 2015: Aldi voted best UK supermarket, South Australia, e-readers in Belgium p25
June 2015: SAP solution in Germany in Aldi Nord, Oracle Data warehouse p26
June 2015: NFC payments arrive at Aldi Nord p27
July 2015: Aldi opens the first converted Bottom Dollar stores in the US p28
August 2015: Aldi to pay more for milk in the UK, YouTube channel launch p29
August 2015: Aldi starts listing 50 top FMCG brands in Germany p30
August 2015: ... and shakes up decades old orders in grocery categories p31
September 2015: music streaming, UK online launch p32
September 2015: UK and Australian sales and margin revealed p33
October 2015: Caviar skin cream, new California stores p34
October 2015: Aldi increases pay in the UK, Christmas plans p35
Strategy: moving away from being a hard discounter? p36
Aldi: moving away from the hard discounter image, Spain, US p37
Aldi: Switzerland regional and organic private label ranges launched p38
Aldi: Switzerland future expansion, new DC, range expansion p39
Strategy: updating stores, remodels in Australia p40
Germany: store visit Aldi Nord Hamburg Rindermarkthalle p41
Aldi Nord store visit, Rindermarkthalle Hamburg p42
Aldi: Nord moving into hipster territory in Hamburg, sharing footfall p43
France: store visit Aldi Nord Epinay-sur-Seine p44
Aldi: Nord – store visit in France, in dire need of a refresh p45
UK: an update including financials p46
Aldi: taking the UK by storm, impressive PR campaigns apart from everything else p47
Aldi: investment satisfying latent demand, risk assessment p48
UK: Aldi & Lidl store counts and future plans p49
UK: Aldi, significant data milestones, reaching its tipping point p50
Aldi: What phenomenal 30%+ y-o-y UK growth in 2014 means ... p51
Aldi: ...for the hard discounter, what are the drivers? p52
Aldi: ... its competitors p53
Aldi: ... and suppliers, in 2016 Aldi UK will be bigger than both Waitrose and the Coop p54
UK: Aldi, problems and potential p55
Aldi: Where can Aldi’s market share go in the UK? p56
UK: Aldi, sales and margin 2014 p57
Australia: the golden opportunity p58
Aldi: expansion financed out of its Australian cash flow, not as price aggressive p59
Aldi: Australian investigation, Aldi reveals profits, margin and tax contribution p60
Aldi: Aldi: Australian model stores, Project Fresh p61
Aldi: Aldi: Australian store visits, analysis – despite it all, it’s still an Aldi, future outlook p62
Australia: Aldi, sales and margin 2014 p63
Australia: Aldi, store visit, Sydney Double Bay p64
Australia Project Fresh, store pictures – fresh ranges p65
Australia Project Fresh, store pictures – chiller cabinets p66
Australia Project Fresh, store pictures – bake off station p67
Outlook: What are Aldi’s likely future plans? Convenience p68
Aldi: Convenience store updates – incorporating zoning, new cash desks p69
Aldi: Convenience store updates, new site strategy, going vertical p70
Convenience: Aldi concessions to the formula p71
UK: 2015 store visit, Kilburn after revamp p72
Outlook: What are Aldi’s likely future plans? Brands p73
Aldi: Aldi UK bigger than Waitrose and Coop, what does this mean for FMCG brands? p74
Aldi: issues counting against a permanent listing p75
Aldi: it’s really an opportunity only for the very strongest brands p76
Outlook: Aldi & FMCG A brands, strategy p77
Outlook: Aldi & The Coca Cola listing case study p78
Brands: Aldi starts listing 50 top FMCG brands in Germany p79
Brands: why things have changed, careful trials before wider roll out p80
Aldi & Brands – Kinder, Red Bull, Nivea, Baileys... p81
Aldi: what the listings mean, transformation of German grocery p82
Aldi: paradigm change for FMCG brands, possibility for rapid market share gains p83
Aldi: price wars will claim scalps of retailers but also in the FMCG industry p84
Aldi: Lidl and Kaufland are coordinating attacks against the Aldi listings p85
Aldi: Lidl and Kaufland gaps between shelf and promotional pricing too large p86
Aldi & Brands – 8 reasons to be skeptical p87
Outlook: What are Aldi’s likely future plans? Online p88
Aldi: Online – the opportunity to revolutionise the sector even further p89
Aldi: Online – strictly non food for now, apart from the wine p90
Outlook: Lidl’s online leadership, click & collect p91
Outlook: a genuine attempt to become multichannel? p92
Outlook: Aldi to offer online grocery? The inherent ranging risk p93
Online: streaming, Australian wine, UK launch p94
Outlook: Aldi’s vertical integration in China p95
Strategy: Aldi Sourcing Asia Limited takes control of non-food sourcing p96
Aldi: sourcing strategy, tentative steps into vertical integration p97
Aldi: strategy - vertical integration at the back end and online at the front end p98
Outlook: What are Aldi’s likely future plans? Trader Joe and a merger of equals? p99
Outlook: should the Trader Joe’s concept be brought to the EU? p100
Outlook: Should Aldi Nord and Sued merge? p101
Outlook: more radical thinking and a move away from Aldi’s conservative culture p102
Sources p103