Online Fashion Germany 2015

Online Fashion Germany 2015

Release date: August 13th, 2015 (30 pages)
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This project provides you with a robust overview of the development of the online fashion markets and major operators in France, Germany, Spain and the UK, giving you an assessment of both national and international models and the market.

A section on the general market background including:
a. Ecommerce market size, growth & forecasts
b. Ecommerce model preference (marketplaces, pureplays, multichannel),
c. Ecommerce fashion size growth & forecasts
d. Smartphone penetration,
e. M-commerce market size, growth & forecasts
f. Payment preferences g. Fraud rate h. Returns rate
i. General Market trends/customer trends

A section on the macro background, including:
a. Data on native language b. % of English speakers c. Ex-pat size
Competitor analysis Top 10
a. Operating model
b. Financials (sales/profit/margin)
c. Product segments
d. Historic and predicted growth projections
e. Description of customer proposition f. Recent developments, strategies

Table of contents

Summary p5
The macroeconomic profile, population, languages, ex pats p7
Population profile, ex-pats p8
Language proficiency p9
The competitive environment, Market sizes DE p10
Total DE Online Expenditure, Annual historical and forecast of growth 2010 – 2016 p11
DE Ecommerce model market shares 2014 p12
DE Online Clothing & footwear sales, Annual historical and forecast of growth 2010 – 2016 p13
General online dynamics, Smartphone penetration & m-commerce DE p14
Smartphone penetration in % of total population, Annual historical and forecast of growth 2011 – 2017 p15
M-commerce, Mobile spend of overall retail expenditure, Annual historical and forecast of growth 2013 – 2016 p16
General online dynamics, Payment preferences, fraud and returns DE p17
Payment preferences, 2013 and 2014, in % terms per payment option chosen for online expenditure p18
Fraud and Returns rates 2014, Fraud in % terms of total online retailing, returns as % of online fashion p19
Returns, Background (I), Legislation legacy, Zalando’s returns, consumer rights directive p20
Returns, Background (II), Returns and payment option correlation? Logistics efficiencies p21
The competitive environment, Players and shares DE, Retailer update p22
Amazon and Zalando p23
Ebay and Bonprix p24
H&M and Esprit p25
Heine and Brands4Friends p26
C & A and s.Oliver p27
Amazon Best sellers DE Apparel, May – July 2015 p28
Amazon Best Sellers DE Apparel, May – July 2015, Analysis p29
Amazon Best Sellers DE Apparel, May – July 2015, 1 – 25 p30