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This in-depth study includes:
• Amazon tracker data and annual best sellers in the grocery and pantry category
• Analysis of Amazon’s three grocery businesses: .com, Pantry and Fresh
• A recommendation section for FMCG players in light of AmazonFresh
• A recommendation section for 3P retailers and omnichannel players in light of AmazonFresh
• Thorough, deep dive business model analysis of other major players in the US context with the relevant data
• Insights into numerous start up players in the recipe bags, crowd sourced eating and online food marketplaces space
• Detailed statistics on the online grocery sector in the USA including our forecasts
• A complete overview of the US online grocery market, risers and fallers, innovators and laggards
• Strategic recommendations - how to deal with the sharing economy, crowd sourced deliveries and online farmers markets
• The state of play in fulfillment: home delivery, click and collect and drives...
• ...and the future of fulfillment: delivery through and to smartphones

Table of contents

Executive summary p13
The context: US Online Grocery Retailing in 2014/5 p20
Online grocery sizes: US, 2006-2014 in $bn p21
Forecast 2015-2018: data, US online grocery in $bn, sizes to more than double p22
Online evolution: Marketplaces, recipe bag providers and crowd sourced eating, taking over from multi channel grocers and pureplays? p23
Online evolution: who is taking over from multi channel grocers and pureplays? p24
Linas Matkasse and the copycats – recipe bag providers tackling delivery costs differently – the subscription solution and unique product p25
Linas Matkasse: Swedish innovation, the recipe bag provider p26
Linas Matkasse: curated shopping in online grocery, skills enhancer p27
Linas Matkasse: innovative loyalty generation, the data p28
Linas Matkasse: foreign expansion, cooperation with an omnichannel grocer? p29
Linas Matkasse: latest developments, stretching the offer p30
Linas Matkasse: selling out, as the Samwers start pushing HelloFresh p31
US Clones: Blue Apron, Plated, venture funding p32
US Clones: Plated, Chefday - the drawbacks of the model, average LTV p33
Hello Fresh: KPIs 2014, subscribers, servings and net revenues p34
Hello Fresh: Rocket’s global takeaway group, the strategy p35
Rocket Internet: online grocery 2015, innovation versus execution p36
Rocket Internet: ROI targets, the success matrix p37
Rocket Internet: online grocery 2015, 4 weeks from decision to roll out p38
Rocket Internet: online grocery 2015, data driven decision making and execution p39
Flexing the model to hiring your own chef p40
Munchery: table-less restaurant of the future, between Blue Apron and Seamless p41
KitchenSurfing: hire a personal chef p42
Kitchit: moving towards same day p43
Crowd sourced eating p44
EatWith: sharing home cooked meals p45
Feastly: the Airbnb for dinner p46
Online farmers markets p47
Online evolution: who is taking over from multi channel grocers? p48
International examples from the EU p49
Good Eggs: building out the logistics infrastructure p50
Good Eggs: tying millennials to the business p51
Good Eggs: marketplace flywheel in motion on seller and buyer side p52
Good Eggs: fundings and lay offs p53
Farmigo: combining the farmers market with click & collect p54
Farmigo: growing out of CSA, doubling order sizes p55
Farmigo: a model fit for low density suburbia p56
Relay Foods: making c&c stations mobile, adding prepared foods p57
Relay Foods: doubling sales q-o-q p58
A strategic analysis of the key success factors of online farmers markets, recipe bag providers et al and what multichannel grocers should do about them p59
Online farmers’ markets: nine drawbacks of the model, seasonality difficulties and waste p60
Online farmers markets: nine drawbacks, from local bottlenecks to population density p61
Online farmers markets: nine drawbacks, from range overreach to customer LTV p62
What should multichannel grocers do about online farmers markets? p63
Online farmers markets: what is in it for the grocer? 14 reasons to get involved (1 - 8) p64
Online farmers markets: what is in it for the grocer? 14 reasons to get involved (9 - 14) p65
Recommendations: Does a food MP need to team up with postal service providers? p66
Recommendations: Does a food MP need its own logistics/fulfillment capacity? p67
Recommendations: Does it need to comprise retail and also a recipe bag solution? p68
Recommendations: Are MPs glorified veg box schemes? Should they sell non food? p69
Recommendations: What is the role of Just Eat and Delivery Hero et al? p70
Recommendations: Can a grocer operate a MP option? Who is doing this right now? p71
Recommendations: Should they drop ship or bundle orders from 3P at DC? p72
The future of fulfillment: Click & collect, drives, from Packstations to parcel boxes p73
The future of fulfillment: Online grocery retailing 2015, the EU innovations p74
Click & collect: from French drives to UK underground stations p75
Click & collect: Volvo’s digital car keys, DHL parcelboxes, TFL trials in London p76
Click & collect: the Asda Timpson tie up in London p77
Dia: the first discounter to launch a click & collect service p78
Dia: cheaper than in store, faster than drives and €30 average baskets p79
Dia: catering to pedestrians, trial widened out, France only for now – now closed p80
E.Leclerc: updating and combining the offer with food service, highways drives p81
E.Leclerc: the pizza and sushi drives p82
Recommendations: from c&c to catchment centricity p83
Future of delivery: the role of the smartphone p84
eBay Now: the personalised eBay Now service p85
eBay Now: teething problems, eBay Now service stalling p86
eBay Now: deliver straight to shoppers’ location, GPS signal from smartphones p87
eBay Now: service proposition, use cases, gifting, luxury p88
eBay Now: Is eBay the wrong company to offer this service? p89
Uber’s Corner Store: an emerging rival – offering the grocery category p90
Crowd sourced deliveries p91
Same day delivery: the new frontier, Instacart letting shoppers help each other p92
Instacart: Instacart Express – its own prime service, $2bn valuation, Uber collaboration? p93
Instacart: learnings from the expansion to Chicago, rapid change p94
Instacart: simplicity and the drawbacks of the model p95
Postmates: from mobile centric to the wider web, order food for a friend p96
Postmates: becoming an API for local delivery, not only grocery, funding p97
USA: 4 issues to overcome with crowd sourced delivery models p98
Company profiles p99
Profile: Walmart p100
Walmart: online sales, Indiana warehouse, innovation (I): Grocery Pickup p101
Walmart: Grocery Pickup, innovation (II): crowd sourcing deliveries p102
Walmart: stepping back from Instacart services – innovation (III): the Walmart Exchange p103
Walmart: Savings Catcher p104
Walmart outlook: making stores and logistics set up count for online p105
Walmart outlook: the Asda learnings, late competitor but a threat nonetheless? p106
Profile: Target p107
Target: realising the importance of ecommerce at last p108
Target: Curbside app and relaunching free delivery thresholds p109
Target: appointment from Tesco, a more competitive delivery offer p110
Target outlook: a year of rebuilding after the breach and Canada p111
Profile: Fresh Direct p112
Fresh Direct: sales data, starting to face competition from Amazon, Instacart and Google p113
Fresh Direct: launching recipe bags and CSA boxes, 2 thanksgivings p114
Fresh Direct: inventory management, the business model’s secret p115
Profile: Peapod p116
Peapod: all the data, profitable in mature markets, stable basket sizes p117
Peapod: the back end from warerooms to warehouses and beyond p118
Peapod: PUPs and the B2B opportunity, widening the range p119
Peapod: the future outlook, going Midwest p120
Others: Kroger, a new entrant to online grocery p121
Profile: Amazon offering an integrated solution p122
Amazon: three different business models for grocery, .com (1P and 3P) p123
Recent key developments: Coca-Cola’s 90s favourite Surge soft drink is revived p124
Recent key developments: private label nappies introduced.....then recalled p125
Amazon Annual Best Sellers US Grocery, March 2013-2014, 1 – 25 p126
Amazon Grocery: annual best sellers in grocery, health & wellness niche p127
Amazon Grocery: annual best sellers in grocery, average pricing, buy now box, active sellers p128
Amazon Grocery: annual best sellers in grocery, 3P issues and problems p129
Amazon Pantry – the attack on Costco p130
Amazon Pantry: targeting the Costco shopper, box helps logistics and drives sales p131
Amazon Pantry: cleaning up legacy issues, all 1P, subscribe & save on overdrive p132
Amazon Annual Best Seller USA Pantry, March 2013-2014, 1 – 25 p133
Amazon Pantry: annual best sellers, Pantry – addressing a different shopper p134
AmazonFresh – tying the strategy together, the attack on Walmart p135
AmazonFresh: Amazon’s third business model for grocery p136
AmazonFresh: late cut off points, challenges require major rethink p137
AmazonFresh: Seattle spotlight, grocery marketplace version 2.0, heading to California p138
AmazonFresh: the LA expansion, the Prime Fresh offer p139
AmazonFresh: Fresh as mix calculation and loss leader? Fresh as ecosystem? p140
AmazonFresh – recent key developments p141
June 2014: soft launch of local takeout service to rival Seamless p142
October 2014: Fresh entering Brooklyn, order threshold of $35 p143
Recent key developments: Bozzuto’s to supply Fresh in New York p144
Recent key developments: Bozzuto’s – click & collect options? p145
November 2014: AmazonFresh in Philadelphia, using NY template p146
December 2014: Takeout & Delivery is officially launched in Seattle p147
AmazonFresh – data and strategy p148
AmazonFresh: data, key customer statistics, uplifts, basket sizes, the reasons behind Fresh p149
AmazonFresh: Fresh category size, handling problems, roll out of same day delivery network p150
AmazonFresh: where is Fresh going? Importance of 3P for Fresh, Spotlight expansion p151
Strategy: focus on local, recreating the online marketplace in the physical world p152
Strategy: replicating the retail model in foodservice, travel next p153
AmazonFresh: the strategy explained, Fresh needs to work, looking ahead to takeaways p154
Recommendations – the fall out from AmazonFresh p155
Recommendations: FMCG partners, what to consider, Pantry vs Fresh vs .com p156
Recommendations: model out profitability for the next ten years on line by line basis p157
Recommendations: omnichannel players, launching a 3P operation p158
Outlook – the AmazonFresh opportunity going forward p159
Outlook: AmazonFresh as the category killer growth opportunity, but also it simply has to work p160
Outlook: AmazonFresh as a logistics investment; more warehouses, more stock, higher op costs p161
Outlook: online grocery in the US p162
Bifurcation between local organic niche and category killers, AmazonFresh and what Walmart will do p163
Charts and Tables p164
Chart 1: Grocery sizes: US, 2006-2014 in $bn p21
Chart 2: Forecast 2015-2018: data, US Online grocery in $bn, sizes to more than double p22
Chart 3: Hello Fresh: KPIs 2014, subscribers, servings and net revenues p23
Chart 4: Relay Foods: doubling sales q-o-q p24
Chart 5: AmazonFresh: data, key customer statistics, uplifts, basket sizes, the reasons behind Fresh p149
Table 1: Amazon Annual Best Seller US Grocery, March 2013-2014, 1 – 25 p126
Table 2: Amazon Annual Best Seller USA Pantry, March 2013-2014, 1 – 25 p133
Sources p165