Technology of the Future 2014

Technology Of The Future 2014

Release date: September 10th, 2014 (86 pages)
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With the vibrant pace at which technology is developing, technology companies, retailers, brand manufacturers, service providers and startups are being forced to adapt and explore new avenues in order to stay in touch with consumers.

The selected technologies featured in this report therefore illustrate how consumer and retailer behaviour is changing. Both established companies like Tesco, Amazon, Google, Lego and Barilla as well as startups Argus Labs, Starcount and Radiate Athletics are all experimenting with innovative projects that aim to keep up with the modern consumer – tech savvy, active online and with higher expectations of brands.

The report also looks at consumer behaviour change and the role technology plays in this, with a specific focus on the maker movement. While people are consuming more technology, they are not necessarily understanding it and are missing out on the potential to be creative, produce their own stuff and see technology in a different light. With the growing familiarisation of etsy, press coverage on 3D printing and talks of introducing coding and electronics into school curriculums, the maker movement is slowly entering the mainstream and posing a new challenge.

This report offers a 360 degree view of how future retailing will take shape, how consumer behaviour will evolve and what the shopper journey of the future will look like.

On the one hand, the report covers some of the most innovative and disruptive technologies that companies are producing right now and on the other hand, a social movement keen to keep people’s creative juices flowing by engaging and understanding how technologies work rather than just simply consuming them.

Table of contents

Technology innovation: executive summary p6
Future of loyalty: sentient technology & social media mining p13
The rise of loyalty 3.0: the emergence of completely new schemes p14
Future Loyalty: The transformation of loyalty, the cutting edge p15
Future Loyalty: How Artificial Intelligence will help brands p16
Argus Labs: Tracking consumers’ feelings, marrying artificial and human intelligence p17
Argus Labs: Protection from fraud, personalisation opportunities p18
Impact on consumers, ranges, operations, sector: sentinent technology p19
Starcount: A social playlist, heat score, kudos p20
Starcount: understand customers before the transaction, data profiles p21
Starcount: questions on ROI and attribution p22
Impact on consumers, ranges, operations, sector: social media data mining p23
Recommendations: loyalty schemes of the future p24
Digital augmentation: the role of wearables p25
Wearables: the time of the wearables p26
Smartwatches: The first battleground in the wearables market p27
Wearables: issues, data protection, security p28
Tesco: exploring wearables and google glass p29
Radiate Athletic wear: Workout information in real time p30
Radiate Athletic wear: The consequences of smart clothing p31
Digital Tattoos: Smart stickers that monitor the body p32
Digital Tattoos: Interaction with mobile devices, issues p33
Mimo baby monitor: Checking baby wellbeing from a distance p34
Impact on consumers, ranges, operations, sector: the Internet of things p35
Recommendations: Preparing for the smart future p36
Digital augmentation: stores p37
Lick: The ‘Internet of Things’ store p38
Lick: the model for the Dixons Carphone tie up? p39
Future of delivery: the role of the smartphone p40
eBay Now: The personalised eBay Now service p41
eBay Now: teething problems, eBay Now service stalling p42
eBay Now: deliver straight to shoppers’ location, GPS signal from smartphones p43
eBay Now: service proposition, use cases, gifting, luxury p44
eBay Now: Is eBay the wrong company to offer this service? p45
Uber’s Corner Store: An emerging rival – offering the grocery category p46
Drones: future promise and potential p47
Drone delivery: potential legal reforms, challenges p48
Drone delivery: outlook for drones – the economics p49
Impact on consumers, ranges, operations, sector: delivering to smartphones p50
Recommendations: delivery to smartphones and drones p51
Drones: not only for the tech giants, hobbyists, the retailer: Red5 p52
Part Two: The Makers Movement p53
March of the makers: culture change to the creative economy p54
March of the makers: Maker Faire, the vehicle for the movement p55
March of the makers: Etsy, the online marketplace for handmade goods p56
3D Printing: encouraging personalisation p57
3D printing: threat to homewares? 3D printing as delivery format shift p58
3D printing: Barilla printing pasta in restaurants in the Netherlands p60
3D printing: Lego customers to print their own bricks? p61
Shapeways: A marketplace for 3D printing, social role p62
Shapeways: from idea to product, customisation p63
3D printing: Sculpteo supplying Amazon p64
3D printing: Makers Cafe bringing 3D printing to the street p65
Impact on consumers, ranges, operations, sector: makers and culture change p66
Recommendations: 3D printing p67
Electronics: nurturing innovation p68
Electronics: wider context, impact, serious disruption p69
Electronics: MakeyMakey, multiple use of everyday products p70
Electronics: MakeyMakey, ease of use, endless opportunities p71
Electronics: Arduino, mass customisation potential, retail context p72
Raspberry Pi: A future educational tool, from the Picademy to the Jam p73
Impact on consumers, ranges, operations, sector: electronics p74
Recommendations: electronics p75
RadioShack: Reviving RadioShack’s fortunes p76
RadioShack: makers providing RadioShack’s with golden opportunity p77
The future: an outlook and a shopper journey p78
Outlook: A future shopper journey, how a maker will shop p79
Outlook: A future shopper journey, how retailers will deliver p80
Outlook: how transactions will be instigated by brands and retailers p81
Outlook: how transactions will be instigated by the connected home, wearables p82
Outlook: how transactions will be instigated by shoppers, the needs of the makers p83
Outlook: technology pitfalls, risks and fails p84
Outlook: liability, the need to evolve or being left behind p85
Sources p86