FMCG challenger brands 2019

FMCG Challenger Brands 2019

Release date: February 14th, 2019 (91 pages)
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Food & groceries is one of the largest industries in the world. Established FMCG players are losing market share and are bad at innovating. And we are also seeing an explosion of action in the long-tail. So are we headed for the next golden age of CPG?

Undoubtedly change is in the air for FMCG – but whether this change will mean a golden age for small players is far from assured. To us it looks like especially the smaller players will find it harder to get a listing – despite social media and direct selling – than in the past. It will get much harder to get on retailer shelves, especially if the products don’t have a serious claim to being innovative, and by implication off shelves, and if current Vertical Integration trends in retail continue.

Table of contents

Executive summary p7
Millennial shopper p10
Millennial shopper: an introduction p11
Millennial shopper: (1) Green, health & wellness p12
Millennial shopper: (2) Craft/artisanal p13
Millennial shopper: (3) Digitalisation, social media, voice p14
Millennial shopper: (4) Urbanisation challenges p15
The future of Grocery Retail p16
Grocery retail: Five theses for the future of retail p17
Grocery retail: (1) the age of store based foreign expansion is over – unless you’re a discounter p18
Grocery retail: (2) Discounters will become the biggest EU retailers by sales p19
Grocery retail: (3) Vertical integration in grocery retailing will continue p20
Grocery retail: (4) Winning strategies: convenience, fresh and foodservice p21
Grocery retail: (5) digitalisation and innovation logistics, loyalty and in store p22
The Champions of Retail p23
Global Top Ten, US$bn sales, 15 years ago p24
Global Top Ten of Retailing: assessing the importance of range, decline of loyalty p25
Global Top Ten of Retailing: the platform players and their VI strategies p26
Global Top Ten, US$bn sales 2016/17 p27
The future of FMCG p28
FMCG: (1) Ingredients splitting three ways p29
FMCG: (2) all growth from small scale start ups p30
FMCG: (3) almost all innovation from small scale start ups p31
FMCG: (4) cost cutting & M&A, (5) Silicon Valley p32
FMCG: a new golden age for CPG? Not likely for the small players p33
FMCG Challenger brands p34
Healthy Snacks p35
Kind: revolutionising snacks, sales and the Mars partnership p37
Kind: alternative distribution strategy p38
Kind: Health & Wellness, ethical stance p39
Graze: founding story, sales, ethical stance, product innovation p41
Graze: healthy snacking, vertical integration p42
Graze: data insights, sale to Unilever p43
Health & Beauty p44
Beauty Pie: Online club distribution strategy, radical transparency p46
The Ordinary: founding story and sales, ethical stance, distribution p48
LA Bruket: Founding story, sales, distribution strategy, internationalisation p50
LA Bruket: packaging, story telling, alternative distribution strategy p51
Alcoholic drinks p52
Mikkeller: Founding story and sales, the undisputed king of craft beers p54
Mikkeller: Distribution and branching into on and off-trade p55
Mikkeller: Collaborations and the Copenhagen Beer festival p56
Tito’s: founding story and sales, creating the craft vodka revolution p58
Tito’s: local and regional provenance and social media p59
Soft drinks and water p60
LaCroix: founding story, sales, health & wellness p62
Fritz Kola: founding story, sales, regional provenance, packaging p64
Fever-Tree: founding story and sales, benefiting from premiumisation in gin p66
Fever-Tree: provenance, distribution strategy and innovation p67
Fever-Tree: first mover advantage, being nimble and outsourcing p68
Ice cream p69
Halo Top: founding story, sales, low calorie high protein p71
Halo Top: social media, becoming the fastest selling ice cream in the USA p72
Soup, spices, ready meals p73
Just Spices: revolutionising the spices category, sales and distribution p75
Just Spices: NPDs, innovation and packaging p76
Lena’s Kueche: founding story, distribution, health & wellness, sales p78
Vegan specialist p79
Veganz: riding the boom in vegan, sales and focus on health & wellness p81
Veganz: distribution, from retailer to wholesaler, crowd funding expansion p82
Conclusion and Recommendations p83
FMCG Tactics p84
FMCG tactics: Conclusion and Recommendations p85
FMCG Tactics (II) p86
FMCG tactics: what should FMCG players do? p87
FMCG challengers: recommendations p88
Sources p89
A bit more on ResearchFarm p91