Millennial Eating Behaviour

Millennial Eating Behaviour

Release date: March 2nd, 2017 (107 pages)
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According to the sociologist Karl Mannheim, people are significantly influenced by the environment of their youth. Giving rise, on the basis of shared experience, to social cohorts that in their turn influence events that shape future generations.

In terms of shopping behaviour (just a subset of this broader dynamic of change) then, the new generation of the millennials will exert massive changes in our society.

For businesses and retailers it is crucial to understand the millennials, what they do and what they say they do, but don’t really do, and how to address this new target market.

Table of contents

Executive Summary p8
Data & stats, vegan, vegetarian & organics p13
Data & stats UK p13
Retail, vegan, vegetarian annual spend – UK p14
Annual grocery spend, vegan, vegetarian – UK p15
UK Vegan stats p16
Quick serves: Veggie Prêt pop-up shop p17
Veggie Prêt sales up 70%, shop staying open p18
Organic back in rude health p19
UK: Organic – a £2bn market p20
UK: Organic stats, total, shares 2016 p21
Data & Stats US p22
Retail, vegan, vegetarian annual spend –US p23
Annual grocery spend, vegan, vegetarian – US p24
US Vegan stats p25
Total US Organic sales and growth 2006 -15 p26
Why Whole Foods is now struggling p27
Whole Foods: struggling against a multitude of new challengers p28
Whole Foods: interest in meal kits p29
Whole Foods: launching meal kits p30
Whole Foods: 365, responding to the challenge from Trader Joe’s, Sprouts et al p31
Whole Foods: 365 first store opened in Silver Lake, LA p32
Whole Foods: 365, partnering with on trend food service partners and Instacart p33
Whole Foods: 365 Portland partnering with local foodservice heroes p34
Data & stats Germany p35
Demography – Germany’s vegetarians and vegans p36
Annual retail, grocery, vegan, vegetarian spend – DE p37
Market volume Vegan/Vegetarian, Market for vegetarian and vegan foods, Core market in €m 2010-15 p38
DE Vegan stats – market volume analysis, Germany’s flexitarians p39
Is the vegan boom in Germany slowing down? p40
10 trends vegan cosmetics/health & beauty p41
Veganz – the specialist retailer p42
Veganz – over extended already? p43
Veganz – a victim of its own success p44
The organic market in Germany 2016 p45
Organic – data and stats 2016 p46
France p47
France – Picard launches veggie private label p48
NatureO – the French organic specialist p49
NatureO – after successful year more store openings in pipeline p50
Plant based milks - Veganism’s biggest category p51
The WhiteWave success story p52
The Danone takeover p53
Plant based milks – from health to taste p54
Millennial eating behaviour p55
Individualisation, polarisation, optimisation, intolerances p56
Identity, community and qualitative difference to the dieting fads p57
Veganism, eating disorders, pick & mix, self optimisation p58
Millennial eating behaviour – USA, 5 key differences p59
From calorie counting to freshness p60
Millennial eating behaviour – fast casual chains preferred p61
Millennial eating behaviour – ethical eating and the local movement p62
Healthy options and performance eating, multicultural diets p63
Silicon Valley bio hacking p64
Biohacking - Silicon Valley taking animals out of food production processes p65
Silicon Valley - Big data, AI, machine learning, millions of dollars in venture funding p66
Soylent, Huel, Ambronite - The new breed of meal replacements p67
Soylent – Food 2.0, techie nutrition p68
Soylent – halting sales p69
Soylent – sales up 300%, eyeing the EU p70
Soylent – going back on sale p71
Huel – 3.5m meals sold to 55+ countries p73
Huel – offering an ethical, 100% vegan, nutritionally complete product p74
Ambronite - made from 20 organic ingredients p75
The influence of social media p77
NOM – the Youtube for food nerds p78
NOM - user-generated content, stars and live broadcasting p79
Twitch muscling into the space p80
Instagram and food waste p81
Generational attitudes to food waste p82
Meal Kits and Delivery – How online is disrupting foodservice p83
Introduction: online disruption in foodservice p84
Linas Matkasse and the copycats – recipe bag providers tackling delivery costs differently – the subscription solution and unique product p85
Linas Matkasse: Swedish innovation, the recipe bag provider p86
Linas Matkasse: curated shopping in online grocery, skills enhancer p87
Linas Matkasse: innovative loyalty generation, the data p88
Linas Matkasse: foreign expansion, cooperation with an omnichannel grocer? p89
Linas Matkasse: latest developments, stretching the offer p90
Linas Matkasse: selling out? Hercules invests, breaking the SEK1.0 billion barrier p91
Linas Matkasse: retnemt acquisition, headed to the the Stockholm Stock Exchange? p92
Meal Kits: some background data USA, main points of player differentiation p93
Blue Apron: 8m meals per month, rethinking the supply chain, eliminating waste p94
Blue Apron: “selling recipes not ingredients”, pushing unconventional produce p95
Blue Apron: the big data approach to customisation, adding more choice p96
Blue Apron: planning meals a year out p97
Blue Apron: Preparing for the IPO, or to be bought out? p98
Blue Apron: $1.0bn run rate, churn rate p99
Blue Apron: Delaying the IPO p100
Plated: venture funding, positioning itself as more premium than the competition p101
Plated: investing in choice mechanics p102
Chilled delivered meals: heat up at home, EatFirst, Bonapeti, Pure Package et al p103
Outlook & Recommendations p104
Sources p107
Chart 1 Retail, vegan, vegetarian spend I – UK p14
Chart 2 Retail, vegan, vegetarian spend II – UK p15
Chart 3 UK: Organic stats, total, shares 2016 p21
Chart 4 Retail, vegan, vegetarian spend I-US p23
Chart 5 Retail, vegan, vegetarian spend II –US p24
Chart 6 Retail, grocery, vegan, vegetarian spend I – DE p37
Chart 7 Retail, grocery, vegan, vegetarian spend II – DE p37
Chart 8 Millennial eating behaviour – foodservice visits p59
Chart 9 Millennial eating behaviour – healthy attributes decoded p60
Chart 10 Millennial eating behaviour – NPS p61
Chart 11 Millennial eating behaviour – y-o-y change p61
Table 1 Total US Organic sales and growth 2006 -15 p26
Table 2 Demography – Germany’s vegetarians and vegans 2009-14 p36
Table 3 Market for vegetarian and vegan foods, Core market in €m 2010-2015 p38