Halal Food Retailing in France 2010

Halal Food Retailing In France 2010

Release date: September 14th, 2010 (80 pages)
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Halal Food Retailing in France 2010

Are you looking for growth?

What is the best, most efficient and top line growing way to implement halal ranges in your stores?
Should you offer halal foods in their own dedicated areas or does it make more sense to retail halal products side by side with your regular, standard assortment?
What is the best way to attract young consumers with innovative product developments? What are the best performing categories?
Should you rely on traditional branding with Arabic writings, highlighting ethnic attributes or move to a more modern presentation that reflects a more every day, down to earth approach?
Which halal products are getting the most space on shelves? What signage is the most efficient?
What is best practice in terms of promoting halal products in the stores?
How do you promote premium halal products?

If you are looking for best practice case examples to develop your halal range, this presentation will provide you with up-to-date and insightful information.
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The value of the French halal market is estimated to be worth around €5.5M, which – to put this into context – is around twice the value of the organic market in the country. Retailers are actively targeting this niche, which is forecast to grow by 20% year on year over the next 5 year period. Casino for example offers 400 halal products already, including a sizeable private label proposition of 30 lines.

The HoReCa sector shows the same trend towards halal. Quick, the fast food operator, ran an initial trial in 8 restaurants from November 2009 to May 2010 and now plans to increase the number of outlets offering halal ranges to 22. During the trial, sales increased by a stellar 100%.

Halal is a very hot topic in France at the moment, it has gripped the public imagination to the extent that the French Minister of Agriculture controversially claimed ethnic marketing to be against “French values”.

The target population is estimated to number 5m consumers in France, probably the biggest community in Europe. Manufacturers and retailers are especially interested in the younger generations of customers, who consume relatively innovative products such as halal pizzas or halal ready-to-eat meals and are looking to create whole new categories going forward.

Today every halal producer has products certified by an affiliated mosque, because an overarching national certification body does not yet exist. Such an organisation would make certification much easier and allow manufacturers to export more of their ranges, as the market outside France is estimated to be worth at least €500bn.

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