Store of the Future - Store Design in 2010

Store Of The Future - Store Design In 2010

Release date: April 1st, 2010 (80 pages)
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With ‘Store of the Future’, ResearchFarm de- livers a one-of-a-kind report. Our analysts pro- vide a interdisciplinary analysis of the key is- sues that will impact the retail landscape in the next five years.
Ageing demographics, fuel price inflation, environmental issues and technology change are about to revolutionise the way consumers shop. The very first signs are already visible, but only a few players have seriously taken this evolution into consideration. Retailers and manufacturers must act together now to avoid expensive later improvements to their store estates, range presentations and modus operandi.

Table of contents

Executive summary 5 The Past – a brief overview, from independents to department stores to out of town sheds 8 The Present – an evaluation of the status quo 12 Case example: fresh & easy an in depth analysis 13 The Future: 2020 16 Three megatrends and what they mean for store design 19 Structural population change, the ageing demographic and what it means 23 The in-store experience, a radical shift to serving a new (and very old) customer 25 The small scale format: vital importance of footfall and the in store experience 28 Case example: Ahold – getting food service and food to go just right 31 Our recommendations 33 Climate change, recycling, renewable energy, the carbon footprint and what it means 34 Energy generation and store design, how to cut those energy bills and your emissions 37 The change in store, new requirements for an energy efficient age 38 The large scale format: one big problem what is the future of car travel? 41 The large scale format: the solution lies in creating destination status 42 Case example: Central Market Houston how to pull traffic in 44 Our recommendations 46 Technological revolution from RFID to apps and what it all means 47 RFID – the great enabler, current uses, the untapped potential, where now? 50 Case example: Metro Group testing mobile scanners 55 New Social Media, how to utilize the potential and navigate the pitfalls 58 Our recommendations 61 Mobile integration, m-commerce and apps as the ultimate game changers 62 Red Laser and Scanlife, price checking apps - massive potential or massive threat? 66 Case example: Ocado, how to get an app just right 70 Our recommendations 71 Kiosks and info terminals, revolutionising in store retail theatre 72 Case example: 7-Eleven, intelligent use of infoterminals 74 Our recommendations 75 Self check outs, the major development in 2010 76 Case example: Delhaize Red market, 100% self checkouts 78 Our recommendations 79 Sources 80