Retailing in Poland 2009

Retailing In Poland 2009

Release date: September 1st, 2009 (279 pages)
PDF/Powerpoint format. Price: GBP595.00


A unique insight into the Polish market with +600 pictures in an exclusive Powerpoint presentation + DVD

Poland is the biggest central European country and has witnessed rapid development and evolution in the retail landscape. While consumers’ buying power is still low, most Western European retailers see a clear opportunity. We have asked ourselves what the best successful practices are in the country?
We decided to go on a Polish tour during Summer 2008 to return with actionable insights. We finally arrived in Poznan, which we see as representative for the whole country, with it being the 5th biggest Polish city.

Table of contents

Visited banners (Food): Carrefour Express - Tesco Hypermarket - Alma - Kaufland - Netto - Lewiatan - Biedronka - Chata Polska - Carrefour Hypermarket - Makro - Piotr i Pawet Visited banners (Non-Food): C&A - H&M - Zara - Tatuum - Reserved - Adidas - Nike - Praktiker - Castorama - Douglas - Sephora - Marionnaud