Online Retailing in the EU 2011: Strategies & Recommendations

Online Retailing In The EU 2011: Strategies & Recommendations

Release date: July 21st, 2011 (58 pages)
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What are the strategic imperatives for online retailing in the EU over the next 5 years?
Should retailers first internationalise their online operations or first localise?
How can retailers retain their newfound customers abroad?

Product Suppliers

Will online internationalisation increase the competitive pressure or is it a massive opportunity?
How important are local taste variations across the EU?
Does it make sense to foster online partnerships with non-competing retailers or suppliers in the EU outside your domestic market?

Property Firms

How will the threat from online to established bricks & mortar players develop when international competition heats up online?
How will retailers integrate click & collect/drive services into their real estate provisions?
How will this change when online internationalisation is a reality?

Retail Services Providers

How will the legal framework evolve going forward and what will the impact be on online retailing?
What will payment options and loyalty schemes look like in the future?
Find out about retailer strategies and tailor your IT/legal offering according to their needs


Why will online internationalisation be absolutely crucial and a factor determining success or failure?
Which click & collect solutions will win out?
What is the impact of SEPA or the Consumer Rights Directive?

Financial Service Providers

Which retailers need your undivided attention going forward?
What are the benefits of the common EU market to EU retailers, especially from a payments perspective?
What will happen with payment providers in the EU?


Benchmark by comparing your KPIs with those of the outstanding players profiled in the report and shows best in class execution.
Identify pitfalls and highlights opportunities with market an sector sizes to target the growing niche about to become mainstream.
Learn from established players. As key drivers for success and the points of difference in operating are clearly laid out, these can be incorporated into your own model.
Understand the competition and what the future will bring.

Table of contents

Executive summary: Should internationalisation precede localisation? How to gain consumer trust. Who stands to benefit most from internationalisation? Is language a barrier? Do websites have to be in English? Are different legal regimes holding online back? Used by a large bloc of households in the West, the common currency represents a massive opportunity. How to navigate VAT and fulfilment. Click & Collect potential. Partnerships abroad. A step change in online loyalty to retain new customers p7 The evolution of online retailing and the drivers of change: p1 5 a 15 year view From multi-channel to m-commerce to internationalisation, a rapid evolution p1 6 Drivers of change: economics, social, technological, legal, environmental... p1 8 ... all combining to catapult the development of online retailing to the next stage p1 9 Economics drivers: E-commerce to win against the backdrop of austerity, online seen as best value Increased cross border shopping pushing online internationalisation p2 0 Social drivers: More single person households, Increased interaction on New Social Media, greater customer involvement leading to greater transparency and lower prices, creating network effects, recommendations, f-commerce and social shopping p2 3 Technological drivers: Increased broadband penetration, the cloud enabler for the retailer backend and shopper personalisation, new loyalty opportunity, tabs & apps, 4th generation wi-fi, internet of things, connected car and kitchen p2 7 Legal drivers: Strong political push to integrate the common market, The Consumer Rights Directive - An attempt to build consumer trust, SEPA harmonising payment across the EU, Cap on Roaming charges to boost m-commerce p3 0 Innovations in online loyalty p3 3 The essentials of online loyalty: How to retain online shoppers: The 5 clicks rule, time slots, delivery charges, click&collect, m-commerce, data security, check out solutions p3 4 Outstanding case example I - Amazon, the trendsetter: marketplace, prime, customer ratings, kindle Recommendations p3 7 Outstanding case example II - Vente-Privee: loyalty through exclusivity, novelty and communication Other online clubs, brands4friends, buyVIP Recommendations p4 4 State of play in click & collect: 3 outstanding best practice operators p5 1 Chronodrive: The French drive concept in online grocery - Making the shopper come to the retailer, eradicating delivery costs and time slots p5 3 ASOS: the pureplay teaming up with the UK high street - Footfall generator, pureplay gains multichannel capabilities p5 5 The logistics provider (DHL): offering unmanned click & collect stations in Germany p5 7 Sources p5 8