Online Retailing in France 2011

Online Retailing In France 2011

Release date: June 23rd, 2011 (51 pages)
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How does the French online retailing market differ from other markets in the EU and US? What are the long term potential growth rates? Are there any hindrances to growth going forward? What is absolutely crucial to bear in mind when expanding into the market?
What are the leading online sectors? Is clothing more lucrative than consumer electronics and media? How big is the opportunity for each?
How big are the sales figures of the leading players, interesting newcomers to the online scene? Who are truly global players among France’s pureplays? What opportunities and threats are they coming up against? What are their growth rates? What benchmarks are the best players in the sector achieving? Which online specialists are still missing? Who is the French equivalent of Amazon? How does Fnac stay relevant as music & video sales migrate online? What are PPR’s plans going forward?
Which French innovation has greater potential to revolutionise international online retailing? The ‘drive’ (click & collect) concept as pioneered by the online grocers or the club model reinvented by vente privee?


Benchmark by comparing your KPIs with those of the outstanding players profiled in the report and shows best in class execution.
Identify pitfalls and highlights opportunities with market an sector sizes to target the growing niche about to become mainstream.
Learn from established players. As key drivers for success and the points of difference in operating are clearly laid out, these can be incorporated into your own model.
Understand the competition and what the future will bring.

Table of contents

Executive summary p6 Market fundamentals: France p8 Total retail and online retail spend 2005 – 2010 (€m): online storming ahead p1 0 The background p112009 Sales in €m: Segments p1 5 Segment profile: Clothing and consumer electronics neck and neck p1 5 Segment profile: Grocery, Cultural products and home sectors p1 6 Retailer online turnover in €m: Top ten France 2008-2010 p1 8 Cdiscount – first to break the €1.0bn barrier p1 9 Cdiscount – partnerships and private label p2 0 Red Cats – hot in pursuit, up for disposal p2 1 Red Cats – technological innovation p2 2 Red Cats – acquisitions and internationalisation p2 3 Vente privee – inspiring copycats everywhere p2 4 Vente privee – internationalisation p2 5 Vente privee – widening its appeal p2 6 3 Suisses – from catalogues to multichannel p2 7 Rueducommerce – consumer electronics pureplay p2 9 Fnac – bricks and mortar staying relevant in music & video p3 0 Pixmania – consumer electronics pureplay II p3 3 Amazon – catching up rapidly p3 4 Other interesting players: PPR Groupe – Strategy p3 5 The Carrefour Pixmania tie up p3 7 Assessing the opportunity: France p4 1 Assessing the opportunity: The model p4 3 Assessing the opportunity: The result p4 4 Outlook & Recommendations: France p4 5 A quick look at France’s online grocery sector p4 8 Chronodrive – the innovator par excellence p5 0 Carrefour and the others p5 2 Sources p5 5