How to build on and offline loyalty

How To Build On And Offline Loyalty

Release date: April 12th, 2011 (120 pages)
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How to create loyalty to beat the inflation trap

As inflation threatens the global recovery and consumer confidence, retailers and FMCG companies alike are roughly split into winners and losers between those retaining their loyal customer bases and those that lose their footfall to the more price aggressive competition and the discounters.

«For all of the companies profiled in the report variations of the 80/20 rule applied, with a figure of between 15 and 40% of loyal customers accounting for between 60-80% of a company’s sales and profits. In tough economic times it is all about keeping customers in store and stopping them to defect to the competition, or from a FMCG perspective keeping them shopping the brand rather than a private label alternative. It is very hard to make shoppers return to the status quo ante once they have become disloyal.»


Learn from case examples across consumer industries including retail, FMCG and food service operators how to generate and retain loyalty
Benchmark your scheme against best in class examples from the EU and the US, both from the physical offline world as well as from rapidly growing online
Be inspired by our thought provoking recommendations and innovative ideas to leave the status quo behind, by going beyond reward cards
Explore ecosystems and 360 degree environments,
Discover how to foster online communities,
Find out crucial insights into product and reward personal -isation.
Learn how to utilise NSM footprints and location based loyalty schemes
Find the key to tiering loyalty schemes
Be up to date with splitting loyalty from simple frequency and discount rewards
Be prepared for loyalty’s move on to the smartphone and the future of loyalty schemes by learning from cutting edge players who integrate NFC and loyalty now

Table of contents

Executive summary p7 Retailer loyalty strategies p1 5 1 Aldi – loyalty through a truly unique value proposition - Learnings and recommendations p1 6 2 Amazon – the trendsetter: marketplace, prime, customer ratings, kindle - Learnings and recommendations p2 3 3 Best Buy – loyalty around the replacement cycle - Learnings and recommendations p3 0 4 Boots – treat street, loyalty as a customer acquisition program - Learnings and recommendations p3 7 5 Fnac – tiered loyalty schemes to stay relevant in music and video - Learnings and recommendations p4 3 6 Vente privee – loyalty through exclusivity, novelty and communication - Learnings and recommendations p5 0 7 Tesco – club card, the app hat-trick, focus on recency and rewards - Learnings and recommendations p5 7 Brand marketer loyalty strategies p6 6 8 Alice and P&G – online loyalty through direct B2C relationship building - Learnings and recommendations p6 7 9 Apple and Nespresso – creating perfect loyalty through ecosystems - Learnings and recommendations p7 3 10 Ritter Sport, Beiersdorf (Nivea) – 360 degree environments through forward integration - Learnings and recommendations p7 9 Strategy and Recommendations p8 4 11 The essentials of offline loyalty p8 5 12 The essentials of online loyalty p8 7 Established, proven and innovative solutions to generate lasting loyalty p9 0 13 Providing ancillary services - increasing footfall and dwell time - Financial services, Gas stations, Pharmacies and Coffee Shops p9 4 14 Personalisation: focusing on reward and/or product - Customising the reward, segment loyalty, replacement cycle, recipes, communication Customising the product, case example: mymuesli p9 6 16 NSM and online communities - turning loyals into brand recommenders - Heinz, Gap, f-commerce p1 00 15 Location based loyalty: rewarding footfall and FMCG/retail cooperation - Shopkick, Foursquare, facebook places p1 03 17 Thinking outside the box – split loyalty from frequency - Surprise customers to generate real loyalty (Panera), use NSM to foster offline communities around the brand p1 06 18 Foodservice examples, Starbucks and NFC - Targeted discounts through the card, Wi-Fi to increase dwell time and building a 360 degree environment Loyalty card as smartphone payment enabler p1 08 Future outlook p111 11 Apps and tabs: the future for loyalty schemes p112 12 The future of loyalty: the decline of the physical card... towards automatic loyalty p115
Sources p117