Paid advertising in social media

Paid Advertising In Social Media

Release date: March 22nd, 2011 (67 pages)
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Building and utilizing a winning New Social Media strategy to acquire new customers and engage and retain your loyal customer base

The rise of the internet and social media has generated huge amounts of interest and analysis on how new platforms allow better communication and engagement with customers. This report focuses on the equally powerful yet much less discussed potential of the technology – using paid for campaigns to reach out to new or less loyal consumers.

In terms of paid advertising, online allows for more flexible budgets, much more targeted campaigns, clearer results and redemption rates and ultimately better value for money than any other medium. However, at present it represents only a tiny proportion of business advertising budgets. But as of 2011 the networks, having initially been slow to monetise in favour of growing user numbers and perfecting user experience, are increasingly accepting that advertising offers great opportunities for driving revenue growth and profit maximation.

Networks are now slowly developing options to target, track and influence consumers through paid for advertising in ways that no other channels allow. Indeed through sophisticated segmentation the next coveted step in the evolution of marketing – achieving personalisation based on a person’s NSM footprint – becomes a distinct possibility. Moreover, the networks are ensuring that their services offer just as much potential to a one man business as they do to huge multi-national conglomerates.

Therefore B2C companies wondering where to direct advertising budgets, business looking to build exposure online and those who have had success with ‘free’ social media campaigns need increasingly to be considering the returns derived from paid social media campaigns.

Moreover, they need to decide which are the most appropriate platforms and types of advertising for achieving their goals, whether that be winning new customers or improving engagement with their loyal customer base and driving up retention rates of the most valuable customers.

Table of contents

INTRODUCTION Introduction 3 Market size and forecast 5 Market shares 7 Key Issues 11 How ads are priced and suggested bid ranges 12 Cost Per Click v Cost Per Impression 14 Integrating with an existing social media presence 16 Capitalising on the ‘social’ effect 18 Optimising ads and A/B testing 20 Location based advertising 21 Facebook 23 Designing Ads 26 Targeting Ads 27 Budgeting Ads 29 Ads Analytics 30 Unofficial Advertising 31 Youtube 32 Promoted Videos 34 Video Targeting 35 TrueView Video Ads 36 Partner Watch 37 Insight 38 Twitter 39 Promoted Tweets 42 Promoted Trends and Accounts 43 Analytics 44 Sponsored Tweets 45 Sponsored Cost Per Tweets 47 Sponsored CPC Tweets 51 Twithawk 53 LinkedIn 54 Creating an Ad 56 Targeting an Ad 57 Reporting 58 StumbleUpon 59 Digg 63