Amazon Best Sellers Trackers
Release date: February 2017 (30-50 pages)
Price: GBP499.00

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Amazon Best Sellers Trackers are monthly reports (pdf format) published by ResearchFarm allowing to track the performance of top items (1P and 3P) in various categories and countries on the Amazon websites. This service has been launched in October 2013 and represents the only benchmark available for Amazon.

Available categories/countries:

This is a Microsoft Excel file with all the raw data collected for all the categories and regions during the latest month. Useful if you want to run your own analysis on the Amazon bestseller items.

CANADA / Apparel (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
CANADA / Baby Product (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
CANADA / Beauty (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
CANADA / BISS (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
CANADA / BISS Basic (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
CANADA / Book (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
CANADA / Consumer Electronics (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
CANADA / DVD (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
CANADA / Health and Beauty (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
CANADA / Home (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
CANADA / Home Improvement (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
CANADA / Kitchen (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
CANADA / Lawn and Patio (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
CANADA / Music (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
CANADA / Office Product (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
CANADA / Personal Computer (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
CANADA / Pet Products (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
CANADA / Photography (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
CANADA / Software (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
CANADA / Sports (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
CANADA / Toy (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
CANADA / Video (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
CANADA / Video Games (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
CANADA / Wireless (Feb 2017)GBP499.00

FRANCE / Apparel (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
FRANCE / Automotive Parts and Accessories (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
FRANCE / Baby Product (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
FRANCE / Beauty (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
FRANCE / BISS Basic (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
FRANCE / Book (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
FRANCE / Consumer Electronics (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
FRANCE / Digital Music Album (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
FRANCE / Digital Music Track (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
FRANCE / Digital Video Games (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
FRANCE / GPS or Navigation System (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
FRANCE / Health and Beauty (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
FRANCE / Home (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
FRANCE / Home Improvement (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
FRANCE / Home Theater (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
FRANCE / Jewelry (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
FRANCE / Kitchen (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
FRANCE / Lawn and Patio (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
FRANCE / Lighting (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
FRANCE / Luggage (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
FRANCE / Musical Instruments (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
FRANCE / Office Product (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
FRANCE / Personal Computer (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
FRANCE / Pet Products (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
FRANCE / Photography (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
FRANCE / Shoes (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
FRANCE / Sports (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
FRANCE / Toy (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
FRANCE / Video Games (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
FRANCE / Watch (Feb 2017)GBP499.00

GERMANY / Apparel (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
GERMANY / Audible (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
GERMANY / Automotive Parts and Accessories (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
GERMANY / Baby (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
GERMANY / Beauty (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
GERMANY / Beleuchtung (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
GERMANY / Book (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
GERMANY / Computer and Zubehör (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
GERMANY / Consumer Electronics (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
GERMANY / Digital Music Track (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
GERMANY / Digital Software (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
GERMANY / Digital Text Feeds (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
GERMANY / Drogerie and Körperpflege (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
GERMANY / DVD and Blu-ray (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
GERMANY / Grocery (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
GERMANY / Home (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
GERMANY / Home Improvement (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
GERMANY / Jewelry (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
GERMANY / Küche and Haushalt (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
GERMANY / Lawn and Patio (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
GERMANY / Magazine (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
GERMANY / MP3-Alben (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
GERMANY / Music (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
GERMANY / Musical Instruments (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
GERMANY / Office Product (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
GERMANY / Pantry (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
GERMANY / Pet Products (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
GERMANY / Prestige Beauty (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
GERMANY / Shoes (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
GERMANY / Software (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
GERMANY / Sports (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
GERMANY / Toy (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
GERMANY / Video Games (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
GERMANY / Watch (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
GERMANY / Wireless (Feb 2017)GBP499.00

ITALY / Abbigliamento (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
ITALY / Album musica digitale (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
ITALY / Baby Product (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
ITALY / Bagaglio (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
ITALY / Bricolage (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
ITALY / Casa (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
ITALY / Consumer Electronics (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
ITALY / Cucina (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
ITALY / DVD (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
ITALY / Giardino e Terrazza (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
ITALY / Giocattolo (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
ITALY / Gioielleria (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
ITALY / Illuminazione (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
ITALY / Libro (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
ITALY / Musica (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
ITALY / Orologio (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
ITALY / Personal Computer (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
ITALY / Prodotti per ufficio (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
ITALY / Ricambi e accessori auto (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
ITALY / Salute e bellezza (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
ITALY / Scarpe (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
ITALY / Software (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
ITALY / Sport (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
ITALY / Traccia musica digitale (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
ITALY / Videogioco (Feb 2017)GBP499.00

SPAIN / Álbum de música digital (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
SPAIN / Canción de música digital (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
SPAIN / Casa (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
SPAIN / Cocina (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
SPAIN / Consumer Electronics (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
SPAIN / Deportes (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
SPAIN / DVD (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
SPAIN / Juguete (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
SPAIN / Libro (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
SPAIN / Material de oficina (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
SPAIN / Mejora del hogar (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
SPAIN / Música (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
SPAIN / Ordenador personal (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
SPAIN / Piezas automoviles y accesorios (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
SPAIN / Producto para bebé (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
SPAIN / Relojes (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
SPAIN / Ropa (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
SPAIN / Salud y Belleza (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
SPAIN / Software (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
SPAIN / Videojuegos (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
SPAIN / Zapatos (Feb 2017)GBP499.00

UNITED KINGDOM / Apparel (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
UNITED KINGDOM / Audible (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
UNITED KINGDOM / Automotive Parts and Accessories (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
UNITED KINGDOM / Baby Product (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
UNITED KINGDOM / Beauty (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
UNITED KINGDOM / Book (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
UNITED KINGDOM / Consumer Electronics (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
UNITED KINGDOM / Digital Text Feeds (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
UNITED KINGDOM / Digital Video Games (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
UNITED KINGDOM / DVD (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
UNITED KINGDOM / Grocery (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
UNITED KINGDOM / Health and Beauty (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
UNITED KINGDOM / Home (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
UNITED KINGDOM / Home Improvement (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
UNITED KINGDOM / Jewelry (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
UNITED KINGDOM / Kitchen (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
UNITED KINGDOM / Lawn and Patio (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
UNITED KINGDOM / Lighting (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
UNITED KINGDOM / Music (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
UNITED KINGDOM / Musical Instruments (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
UNITED KINGDOM / Office Product (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
UNITED KINGDOM / Pantry (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
UNITED KINGDOM / Personal Computer (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
UNITED KINGDOM / Pet Products (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
UNITED KINGDOM / Shoes (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
UNITED KINGDOM / Software (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
UNITED KINGDOM / Sports (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
UNITED KINGDOM / Toy (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
UNITED KINGDOM / Video Games (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
UNITED KINGDOM / Watch (Feb 2017)GBP499.00

UNITED STATES / Apparel (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
UNITED STATES / Art and Craft Supply (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
UNITED STATES / Audible (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
UNITED STATES / Automotive Parts and Accessories (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
UNITED STATES / Baby Product (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
UNITED STATES / Beauty (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
UNITED STATES / BISS (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
UNITED STATES / Book (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
UNITED STATES / Boost (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
UNITED STATES / Consumer Electronics (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
UNITED STATES / Digital Text Feeds (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
UNITED STATES / Furniture (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
UNITED STATES / Grocery (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
UNITED STATES / Health and Beauty (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
UNITED STATES / Home (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
UNITED STATES / Home Improvement (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
UNITED STATES / Kitchen (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
UNITED STATES / Lawn and Patio (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
UNITED STATES / Lighting (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
UNITED STATES / Magazine (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
UNITED STATES / Major Appliances (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
UNITED STATES / Mobile Application (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
UNITED STATES / Music (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
UNITED STATES / Musical Instruments (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
UNITED STATES / Office Product (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
UNITED STATES / Pantry (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
UNITED STATES / Personal Computer (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
UNITED STATES / Pet Products (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
UNITED STATES / Photography (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
UNITED STATES / Single Detail Page Misc (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
UNITED STATES / Software (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
UNITED STATES / Speakers (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
UNITED STATES / Sports (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
UNITED STATES / Toy (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
UNITED STATES / Video Games (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
UNITED STATES / Wine (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
UNITED STATES / Wireless (Feb 2017)GBP499.00
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